6 Steps for the Perfect Sexy Solo Date Night

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It’s no secret there are pros and cons to dating. There are great things about being in a relationship with someone special, but there are some things you have to give up from your single life, too. Often, one of those things is “me” time. Granted, the hallmark of many healthy relationships is a certain amount of alone time, allowing each other to recharge and reconnect. But sometimes you just need a little solo time. Yes, even when it comes to sex.

Whether you’re currently soaking up the single life, or looking to enjoy a little you-on-you time soon, here are the six steps (and the AdamMale products you’ll need along the way) for a perfectly sexy solo session:

Step 1: Underwear
There’s a reason people buy sexy underwear — it’s sexy! But it doesn’t just have to be for someone else. Think about treating yourself to a skimpy pair of skivvies and enjoy it for yourself. If you have some time to plan, think about wearing them around during the day, leading up to the fun you plan on having later that night!

Want something comfy? Try this Basket Weave Mustang Bikini. The wide waistband keeps you comfortable, while the “seamed and sculpted front pouch defines your manhood and gives you an enhanced profile.” Yum!

Need something a little more daring? How about the Stretch Net Bong Thong. The fact that it’s practically see-through is sure to keep the blood flowing, even before the fun starts.

Step 2: Get Clean to Get Dirty
Before you get down with your dirty self, it’s good to clean up. Take a shower, brush your teeth — whatever you need to feel comfortable. But we also recommend cleaning your ass, especially if you’re going to be getting up close and personal. The Ultra Douche will get you squeaky clean in no time. It’s easy to use (just a squirt or two) and your hole will be ready for anything you can shove in it.

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Step 3: Lube Up
Before you start filling your hole, you want to make sure you’re lubed up and ready to receive. From finger to vibrators to dildos to — well, whatever you’re into — the right lube can (sometimes literally) make or break a sexy solo session. We recommend Pjur Original Eros Bodyglide 1. It’s highly rated, safe on toys and its concentrated formula means it’ll last as long as you can.

Step 4: Find the P-Spot
Your prostate is home to a wonder of sexual pleasures. So find it! The Aneros Mgx Prostate Stimulator is a great introductory tool to help you find your coveted p-spot. Once you find it, you’ll want to milk it for all it’s worth. Heck, you should even try for the elusive hands-free orgasm!

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Step 5: Ready for the D
Remember, this is your solo time, so if there’s not another dick involved, what’s the next best thing? How about this Vibrating 8″ Emperor Dildo. With its realistic features and size, the Emperor is an eye full (and a hole full), and it’ll feel oh-so-good against your recently massaged prostate (as long as you’ve been following these steps!).

Step 6: The Grand Finale
Once your hole is good and filled, it’s time for the grand finale. But before you sling your seed, you may want to give your throbbing member a little attention, too. Try sliding it slowly into the Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett Butt Squeeze. He’s super tight and ready to give you an “explosive” orgasm. You better have a towel handy, because you’re about to make quite a sticky mess!

Ready to get started? Let AdamMale supply everything you need for your next sexy solo session, and use promo code GAYETY to save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and free shipping on your entire order.

Remember, all it takes are these six simple steps and you’ll be screaming for more solo time in no time.

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