5 Ways a Frenchman Can Make You Scream ‘OoLaLa!’

Gay couple kissing on the street

The romance of a clear Parisian night. The twinkle of lights along the Seine. Fine wine. Delicious cheese. Unprecedented shopping. France has quite a bit going for it — but one of our favorite things about this storied republic? The sex.

France has long been a paragon of unconventional sex. From the cabarets of Montmartre to the gay revolution in the Marais, France is known for its sensual, provocative and flirtatious relationship with all things sexual, pleasurable and, maybe, even a little naughty.

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Latin lovers may get all the credit, but give us a cute Frenchman with a hefty baguette in his basket, and we’ll be set! However, if you need a loaf in your oven ASAP, visit and use promo code GAYETY to save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and free shipping on your order.

Here are just a few ways a Frenchman can have you screaming “oolala!” in no time:



1. His words.
Yes, he can do a whole lot more with his mouth, but when he talks, you melt. Whether he’s speaking his beautiful native tongue or whispering sweet nothings in accented English, a Frenchman knows just how to get you to listen.



2. The food.
Fresh berries with creme straight from Chantilly makes for a perfect food and sex pairing. Dab a little Chantilly creme wherever you want to lick and have your sexy homme go to town, all over your body. Bon appétit!



3. L’arque Prostate Massager.
With its sensual name and even more sensual curve, L’arque Prostate Massager is the perfect play thing for you and your French lover. A little splash of lube on the tip and he can have it sliding deep inside you before you know it. The uniquely curved design will hit your p-spot like no other toy, milking your man juice as he flicks on the vibrating sensations, sending waves of pleasure into your body. With three speeds and 4 different vibration patterns, there are plenty of combinations to try. It’s also waterproof, so you can take your play into the pool or tub. Mon dieu!



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4. The art of undressing.
The French are known for their lacy undergarments and sexy lingerie. And while most people only think of women’s négligée, men can have some sexy fun, too! From revealing jockstraps to going commando, a French lover knows the importance of the tease — and if you’re lucky, whatever he’s got underneath those skinny jeans will end up balled in your mouth while he has his way with you.



5. Confidence.
From ordering just the right wine at dinner to knowing all the best museum spots, a French lover knows how to show you a good time — and is confident while doing it. And that most certainly extends to his bedside manner. Whether he’s dominating you or begging for you to be inside him, he knows what he likes and is not afraid to ask for it. You can definitely learn a thing or two!

Ready to go out and find a French lover? Want to try your hand at loving like one? AdamMale has all your love making needs covered. From lubes to toys, you can be enjoying sex like a Frenchman with the click of a button. Right now, enjoy 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and free shipping on your entire order with promo code GAYETY.

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