5 Things You Will Love About Ultraskin Realistic Toys

Athletic guy is lying on the bed.

These Ultraskin Realistics feel like the real deal. 

Let’s face it; nothing tops the sensation of a real penis pushing inside your eager hole. Maybe it’s the anticipation of feeling him throb as enters your backdoor, or perhaps it’s the expectation of a warm squirt from his geyser. Regardless of the cause, in the realm of anal stimulation, a real penis is always king.

However, some high-quality dildos come remarkably close to replicating the feeling of the real deal. If you’re like me, you have tried a variety of makes and models and are usually disappointed. With most phallic toys, something is always off; the shaft is too stiff, the head is too hard and the scrotum is missing balls.

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That changed when I discovered Ultraskin Realistic. My boyfriend and I usually discard our toys after a year of regular use and maintenance, and we discarded all of our old toys during spring cleaning. I shopped around a bit and stumbled upon the six-inch Ultraskin Realistic dildo. I ordered it on along with a bottle of Str8cam Lube, which looks and feels like cum, and it arrived later that week.

When our new six-inch friend arrived I was eager to test it out and pleasantly surprised to find that it’s the most realistic dildo I’ve ever owned. From its fleshy shaft to its egg-shaped balls, the Ultraskin Realistic is the closest thing you can get to a real penis. In fact, I loved it so much, I ordered the eight-inch, too.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of being f*cked by an Ultraskin Realistic. So, to help get my point across, here are five reasons I absolutely love my six and eight-inch Ultraskin Realistic dildos.

1. The “flesh” feels real.
Honestly, the Ultraskin flesh replicates the feeling of a penis almost perfectly. Plus, if you like the sensation of a semi-hard penis pounding your o-ring, you can remove the suction-cup core. It will allow the shaft to bend, which will create the feeling of penis on its way to rock-hard.

2. They fill your hole.
The Ultraskin Realistic dildos are very easy to accommodate inside your hole. The first time my boyfriend and I played with the six and the eight-inch units, I was able to quickly graduate from the six to the eight-inch toy with no discomfort. The six-inch design feels incredible and allows you to ramp up to take the eight-incher (or your boyfriend’s penis and the dildo simultaneously).

3. They make double penetration easy.
There’s no shame in enjoying two cocks at the same time, and the Ultraskin Realistic dildos make that possible. I’m in a monogamous relationship, but sometimes my boyfriend likes to f*ck me while another “penis” occupies my hole. The six-inch unit is perfect for double penetration with a partner; feeling the dildo sliding with his penis in my ass makes him cum almost instantly.

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4. They’re suckable.
Many dildos feel ok in your ass, but if you put them in your mouth, the fantasy quickly dies and you remember its just silicone. That’s doesn’t happen with the Ultraskin Realistic. When I’m bottoming, I enjoy having a penis in my mouth. So, while my boyfriend pounds my hole with the eight-inch toy, I enjoy sucking the six-inch toy for extra stimulation.

5. They hit the P-Spot perfectly.
Although the eight-inch design is quite a bit larger than the six-incher, both units hit your P-Spot perfectly. If you position them correctly and f*ck firmly, you’ll uncontrollably blow your load even with minimal stimulation. When I get the motion down and start pushing, I usually cum within 60-seconds of insertion; it’s that powerful.

If you’d like to try the Ultraskin Realistic dildos for yourself, click here for the six-incher and here for the eigh-incher. Remember to use promo code GAYETY at checkout on to save 30% and get free shipping for orders in the United States.

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