5 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Douche

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A tidy tush is a top priority for many gay men — and we’ll often go to great lengths to keep our sphincters spick and span. But harsh hoses and damaging douches need to go. While some gay men prefer the peace of mind they get from using a douche or an enema, it’s not for everyone. And, some health professionals worry about the potential negative effects frequent douching can have on intestinal health. Lucky for us, there are other ways to ensure a clean runway, mostly related to diet and supplements, like Pure for Men. When you order Pure for Men, use promo code GAYETY to save 20 percent!

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Here are five reasons we think it’s time to ditch the douche.

1. Timing
Douching takes time. Sure, it’s not like it takes hours and hours, but it certainly takes planning and forethought. Unfortunately, we’re not always able to schedule every single time we want to power bottom for a hot rod. Whether it’s a spontaneous screw with our boyfriend, or a mysterious tryst with a stranger, pausing the action for a douche session in the bathroom is not always in the cards. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the spontaneity of sex without worrying about a potential mess? Keep reading!

2. Health
When talking to Vice earlier this summer, Dr. Stephen Goldstone, author of The Ins & Outs of Gay Sex: A Medical Handbook and assistant clinical professor of surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital, recommends avoiding douches altogether. “They cause a lot of trauma. The chemical in there creates irritation. It brings water into the movement so you can poop away, but it causes the cells [of the rectum] to get irritated. It creates tons of mucus and tons of dryness in the area.” This dryness can lead to cracking and bleeding, making you more susceptible to STIs.

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Repeated use over time can lead to long-term issues, too. “If you’re doing it every day,” said Dr. Goldstone, “there are a lot of issues with enemas. You can lengthen your colon, and that can lead to constipation later in life. That’s what’s so dangerous about it. It’s not threatening, but it’s a real pain in the ass, so to speak. It can make you uncomfortable and miserable.

3. Anatomy
Enemas, douches, bulbs and hoses can force water way past the area in your colon where a dick will go. Unless you’re dealing with a monster member, most pensises won’t go past the sigmoid colon, where stool resides. Forcing chemicals and water past this point will certainly clean you out, but it can make your colon area even dirtier than if you’d just left it alone to begin with.

A simple shower and little finger check should be all you need. If you’re concerned, you can always use a dildo or butt plug to check your preparedness (again, if you have the time). If you’re still not feeling confident, chances are, you need to address your diet. And speaking of ….

4. Alternatives
There are great alternatives to douching, chief among them: diet. While most of us don’t get nearly enough fiber in our diets (usually only about half what we should be getting), that’s where fiber supplements like Pure for Men come in. Comprised of a mix of chia, flaxseed and psyllium, this gay-friendly fiber supplement expands in your intestines, safely passing through your digestive tract while collecting food and waste particles along the way.

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5. Peace of Mind
When it comes down to it, we all just want to have a fun, safe and clean time. Reliance on douching and extensive bowel irrigation is borne out of our fear of rejection and unrealistic standards around sex and performance. So relax! Don’t let sex be a cause of stress, or an activity that requires undue preparation and anxiety in your life. You can still have the pristine love tunnel of your dreams, but now without all the headache.

So, what do you think? Time to ditch the douche and try a more natural, less stressful cleaning regimen?

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