Wounded Veterans Strip for Revealing New Book

Michael Stokes is an extremely talented photographer from Berkeley California.

He’s well known in the gay community as the creator of beautiful male images. He photographs athletes, body builders and even wounded veterans to create arousing photography you’ll never forget. To fund his new projects, Stokes created a Kickstarter, and at the time of this article, he raised more than four times his goal. According to the Kickstarter, “Always Loyal” will feature:

“14 different wounded, United States Army, Navy and Marine veterans of The Gulf Wars. Each veteran will have a bio page and details related to his or her injuries. The vast majority of these veterans have lost one or multiple limbs from IED attacks.”

At $209,629, we’re certain Stokes new books, “Exhibition” and “Always Loyal”, will be hugely successful.

Check out some of Michael Stokes photos below!

A photo of a wounded veteran.

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