YouTuber Davey Wavey Convinces Straight Guy to Douche

Straight guy douches for YouTuber Davey Wavey.

When YouTuber Davey Wavey tells straight guys to do gay things, they usually conform to his demands.

This time, Davey Wavey asked an blond stud to do something most gay men are all too familiar with — douching. In the video below, Davey Wavey asks about the straight guy’s familiarity with booty love. He responds honestly and obviously has a lot of experience with back doors. Then, shit gets real.

Yes, it’s a silly video, but Davey Wavey is an excellent instructor and it inspired us to get dirty (not that kind of dirty) and create a do-you-douche poll!

[pollcaster widget=”poll” id=”QGoSRkwCyEWIRCsWUfduIz1HK63″ width=”100%” height=”auto”]

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