The Internet is Obsessed with This Marine and Here’s Why

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The Internet is obsessed with this hot marine, and there’s a really good reason.

No, it’s not because he has a ripped bod, or a face like a model. It’s because he can sing … like really really well. We don’t know a lot about this hot marine, but his name is Jaxon McClure, he’s from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he lives in San Clemente, California.

First, you have to watch this short video of him belting out Brian McKnight’s “Back At One.” He’s so good, he could literally serenade us anytime, although we would prefer it late at night, while we’re wrapped in the covers nibbling on chocolate covered strawberries. Just kidding!

From what we can tell, he has a girlfriend (or an adorable BF who happens to be a girl). Watch the video below, and then zip through our favorite hot marine Instagram photos.

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