Straight Men Touch a Peen for the First Time

This is a screenshot from one of Bria&Chrissy’s YouTube videos.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a straight man touched another man’s Johnson? Well, Noah Michelson, Editorial Director of HuffPost Queer Voices, decided to find out. So, he partnered with YouTube superstars BriaAndChrissy to find out.

In their latest video, the self-described “singing duo/lesbian couple” enlisted straight men who haven’t touched another man’s ding dong to experience the sensation. HuffPost interviewed BriaAndChrissy to learn more about their string of touchy videos.

The Huffington Post: Where did the idea for the video come from?

BriaAndChrissy: Following the success of the first two videos of the series, it inspired us to continue to push the envelope. The reactions have varied from video to video, and many of the comments show the extremely varying ways we look at men and women as it relates to sexuality. And they’re pretty fun to watch!

How hard was it to find straight-identified men who would agree to be in the video? Where did you find them?

It was very difficult to find straight guys who were comfortable participating. We asked about 40 guys, friends, acquaintances — Craigslist! We asked everyone. We had hoped for four men in the video but only found three that were willing to participate.

What do you say to people who claim this video — and other videos in this series — are silly, frivolous or unimportant?

Of course it’s silly! They’re very silly and funny videos. There’s a great level of innocence to them, which is wonderful. But frivolous and unimportant, on that we have to disagree. This series has managed to show huge disparities between the way we treat men and women and has also illustrated numerous misconceptions we all have on a multitude of issues, from genitalia to gender roles to sexual orientation. They are another part of a larger conversation pertaining to gender and sexuality. There’s a much bigger picture here. These videos are fun, and silly, and isn’t that the best way to educate — to introduce an idea, create various examples and inspire a dialogue?

Watch the video below and read the entire interview on HuffPost.

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