Pot Noodle Helps British Teen Achieve His Dreams

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If you’re from the United Kingdom, you’ve probably heard of Pot Noodle; that “tasty, time saving instant noodle” that the kids take to school. Well, for one, they’re delicious and really easy to make, so clearly everyone loves them. But, their new commercial is about to put them on the map for LGBTs.

In this fabulous¬†commercial, a seemingly normal teen aspires to dreams of being in “The Ring,” you know like a boxing ring of MMA ring? But, as the storyline plays through you realize that his dreams might not be what you were expecting.

So, throughout the video, he trains tirelessly to achieve his dreams. He runs the streets, does countless ab workouts, and hits the gym hard. In the end, we find out his dreams of being in the ring are definitely not what we expected. Watch the video below!

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