Hunky Artist Paints Queen with His Crown Jewels

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If you haven’t seen this “artist paints Queen” video, you’re definitely missing out. 

Brent Ray Fraser is a fabulous artist and obviously a fan of the Royal Family. In his most recent, and perhaps most unique portrait, Fraser decided to paint Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana on a large 85″ X 85″ canvas. Although many artists have created portraits of the Royal Family, Frasers are quire unique; he painted  them with his manhood.

That’s right, when Fraser created his regal painting, he stripped down to his birthday suit and painted every inch of that canvas using his genitalia. Although his “paintbrush” isn’t as massive as some other male celebs, like Idris Elba or Joaquín Ferreira’s staff, the fact that he paints with it makes him equally impressive.

Fair warning, this “artist paints Queen” video probably isn’t safe for work, but it’s worth a look. It’s not everyday you see a man paint portraits with his thing, and from the collection of videos on Fraser’s website, it seems that he’s painted many famous people using his you-know-what. In addition to his paintings, Fraser also has some “performance” videos, which can be purchased from his website.

Watch the video!


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