Adorable Viner Reinvents Juggling and It’s Amazing

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When a Viner reinvents juggling, one could only hope that it would be this hot. Juggling has never been a “sexy” sport, but this Viner proved it has some serious potential. In the video below, which was uploaded to Vimeo, this juggler uses his wood for balance.

Juggling has a long history of being used for entertainment. In the middle ages jugglers were employed in pubs and by the rich to entertain. Later, jugglers became a necessary circus act, but a juggler of that time probably wouldn’t use his chubby.

The clip is obviously only six-seconds long (it’s a Vine), but somehow he captures our attention immediately. Perhaps, more jugglers should adopt this technique and start juggling with a stiff helping “hand.”

H/T: The Gaily Grind

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