These Hunky UNC Students Refuse to Wear Shoes

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These Tarzan lookalikes don’t like shoes, and who could blame them? But, how many UNC students refuse to wear shoes and look amazing doing it? Well, two for sure. Hunter Brake and Jonah Howell stick out on campus like a sore big toe. In an interview with The Daily Tar Heel, the boys confessed that they’re simply not into shoes.


Credit: Facebook

“You wake up every morning and decide to put shoes on. That’s one less decision I have to make,” Brake said. “Shoes don’t do anything for me.” Howell on the other hand has a weirder reason for going barefoot. “I have no self,” he said. “If I have no self, then how would I wear shoes?”

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

These boys are obviously adorable; we just wished they boycotted clothing in general instead of just shoes.

Read the whole story on The Daily Tar Heel.


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