This Guy Will Teach You How to Look Like Kim Davis

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There are many icons in the gay community we’d like to dress up as this Halloween and Kim Davis isn’t one of them. But, if you’re looking to really spook some folks at the gay bar, then by all means….

Make-up artist extraordinaire, Jan Bonito, shows you exactly how to transform yourself from fabulous to frumpy in just 800 easy to follow steps. We kid, but really, this is no easy ensemble. Learning how to look like Kim Davis is really hard.

A defective bootleg Rosa Parks still won't let the gays get it. #KimDavis ??SONG: "My Lovin'" by En Vogue

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How long do you think it took to split all the ends of hair on that wig? That’s commitment right there.

H/T: Towleroad


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