Gay Teen and Dad Create Matching Makeup Portraits

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Like father like son, well, in this case, like son like father. A 16-year-old aspiring make-up artist gave his dad a makeover for Fathers Day, and he looks fierce AF. The supremely talented Spencer Claus posted photos online of his father-son shoot where both men were made up and striking similar poses.

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Claus spoke with about the experience and said, “It was more of an inside joke just because my dad is so un-glamorous. It started out just being funny for us but turned out to be an example of parenting done right.” Even at his age, Claus acknowledges that not all kids experimenting with their aesthetic are as lucky as he is to have such proud parents. The young man offers up this advice, “Parents, embracing your kid is so much easier than trying to change them. Whatever endeavors I choose, my parents support me whole-heartedly. Makeup was just another one of those things! So, teens, live your life; parents, help them do it. It could end up being really fun.”

Is it really that easy? Traditionally, we live in a society where femininity is often feared by men; but that might be changing thanks to Claus who says, “It’s none of your damn business who wears makeup and who doesn’t. I think a lot of boys use it as a means to express femininity, which I definitely do,” a sentiment that seems to be shared by many others online. It’s clear we still have a way to go, but with kids like Claus challenging expectations we know we will achieve equality sooner, rather than later — the tweet of the two gender-bending men has gained more than twenty-eight thousand “Favorites” and ten-thousand “Retweets,” which shows the progress we are making.

We are happy to see such an incredible response to such an extraordinary individual. We have a feeling we will be seeing much more to Spencer Claus in the coming months!

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