25 Relationship Goals Every Gay Couple Should Strive For

This is a photo of an adorable couple.

The yin to my yang! There are good relationships, and there are great relationships. The signs of a great ship aren’t only about the way you look into each other’s eyes; they’re about how you balance each other — being the yin to your yang, the Mary to your Rhoda, the vodka to your sour!

We all secretly want to be a cute #Instacouple, but if the relationship is inauthentic, it doesn’t mean squat. The goal of most couples isn’t to be like everyone else, but to have your own language with your man, to understand each other in ways only you can understand. Let’s start with the obvious (and cutest):

1. Building a similar sense of character when it comes to people so that every time you spot a bad egg, you’re always on the same page.

2. Being the most fun couple at the office Christmas party — every year.

3. Making sure you have the same lunch break so you can FaceTime each other and bitch about how much you hate your boss.

4. Performing sock puppet shows at the end of the bed when you both need a day off from adulting.

5. Calling your man to tell him you’re out of lube and poppers, and he needs to go by the shop to pick up your favorite kind if he wants it tonight — but it’s not awkward at all.

6. Taking shirtless pics together by the pool and making it your profile picture, even though you’ve said in the past how much you hate “those kinds” of couples.

7. Being able to go out and hold hands without looking over your shoulder or wondering if you’re making strangers uncomfortable.

8. Taking Halloween very seriously and making sure your costumes are a collaborative effort.

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9. Genuinely not giving a crap that most of your friends are out clubbing, because you’re watching Netflix with your man and he’s snoring happy sounds.

10. Taking your niece and/or nephew to the playground and watching your man get stuck on the slide.

11. Making sure whoever cooks does NOT clean up afterwards.

12. Taking trivia night very at your local gay bar very seriously — almost too seriously.

13. Holding each other’s place in line at Trader Joe’s.

14. Understanding the importance of going to midnight screenings of basically any epic fantasy film, ever.

15. Spotting a guy from across the bar trying to flirt, then swinging your arm around your man and kissing him to let him know you’re taken. God that felt good!

16. Coming home starving and finding out your man ordered delivery from your favorite restaurant and it’ll be here in five minutes.

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17. Bragging about your man’s accomplishments as if it happened to you.

18. Knowing exactly how your man likes his cocktail and having it ready for him without even asking.

19. When he’s so close to your mother, she randomly calls him to chat like besties.

20. Making fun of pretentious gay couples together, then laughing because you’re definitely not like them.

21. Singing the Golden Girls theme song at the top of your lungs when you’re both drunk and need a good laugh.

22. Catching yourself before you say something stupid/mean to your man.

23. Making every date matter; making your time together as important as catching a flight or attending a business meeting — no being late or flaking out at the last minute.

24. Wearing matching onesies and going for a stop at Costco.

25. Realizing one day that you haven’t logged into Grindr in months.

David Artavia is an actor and writer from New York City. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Like his Facebook page

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