How to Milk Your Prostate in 4 Simple Steps

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While many men rely on traditional masturbation techniques, some have explored and mastered the art of prostate milking. Milking the prostate is an incredibly enjoyable activity that often results in an extremely powerful, prolonged orgasm.

By milking the prostate, many men experience multiple orgasms and ejaculate eruptions. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that controls the flow of semen. It’s located at the base of your penis, and you can stimulate it easily with a finger. However, for a truly out-of-this-world orgasm, we recommend investing in a powerful, high-quality prostate massager.

Lux LX3+ Male Prostate Stimulator

I’ve tested many massagers, and the Lux LX3+ Male Prostate Stimulator is by far the best. The Lux LX3+ releases one of the most powerful vibrations available, and it’s unique design curves perfectly to hit your G-spot while stimulating your taint. If you use code GAYETY at, you’ll save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and free shipping on your entire order.

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Before inserting it, I applied a squirt of Str8cam Lube onto my hole and massaged it with my finger. When I slipped the Lux LX3+ inside me, I loved the smoothness of the silicone, and when I turned it on, the vibration was so intense, cum instantly oozed down my shaft. Within a couple of minutes, I convulsed as jizz burst from the head of my penis; I’ve never shot so far or experienced so many rapid-fire contractions.

Here are the four steps I followed to achieve an unbelievable orgasm:

1. Apply lube to the outer surface of your ass and massage a small amount into the inner wall of your anus. You can use a little extra lube to the tip of your prostate massager.

2. Rub your hole with the tip of your massager before sliding it slowly in and out of your anus. When you feel relaxed, glide the massager deep inside you with the curve facing your penis. Your G-spot is behind your penis. You’ll know when you hit it.

3. When you feel the tip press against your prostate, turn on the massager and hold it firmly in place. With the Lux LX3+, there are several vibration settings to choose from, so experiment and find your groove. When you’re satisfied, increase the intensity. You can use the massager as you would a dildo and slide it in and out focusing on hitting your spot.

4. When you’re ready to blow your load, press the massager against your prostate. If you need to blow and go, jerk off with your free hand and prepare for the most intense solo session of your life.

Although I’m partial to the LUX LX3+, the A&E L’arque and Njoy Pure Wand produced remarkably strong orgasms, too. I recommend the Str8cam Lube because it looks and feels like cum, which makes the whole experience that much hotter.

Remember to use promo code GAYETY to save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and get free shipping (in the United States). A few items aren’t eligible for the full discount, but there are lots of great toys to choose from.

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