How to Make Taking a Big One Easier

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My health teacher in high school used to say it was impossible for a man to have a penis bigger than seven inches. That bitch lied!

Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of anacondas in my lifetime and they’re not always easy to take. Whether they’re inflated made by pills or pumps, believe me, the big ones are out there — and they’re beautiful things. But like any wild snake, you must approach them with caution, or you could end up with a bloody mess.

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We all have limits, even I do (and that’s saying something). Seeing a giant cocktapus for the first time will either excite you or scare the living sh*t out of you. If you’re like me, it’s the latter. But don’t worry, it can be done. If you train your mind and body, you can learn how to take an eight-inch, nine-inch, hell, even a 10-inch schlong. Here are seven things you can do to make taking it easier:

Don’t prepare for pain

The second you tell yourself it’s going to hurt, it’s going to hurt. That’s how our minds work. We expect pain, and because we don’t want to disappoint anyone, we receive pain. First thing you gotta do is tell yourself it’s going to be fine. Calm down.

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It’s a thick piece of man meat that’s all yours. You get to play with it. Have fun with it first, before it becomes associated with any kind of pain.

Know your limits

Some anuses won’t allow wide loads to enter — it’s just how they’re constructed. All of our bodies are shaped differently. If you don’t know your physical tolerance, you can run into a lot of trouble.

Buy a dildo and work your way up — little by little. You will find that even when you get to the big ones, you still have room to go even further (much to your surprise).

Our holes are like elastic: you need to work its way up to the big boys. You can’t go from 0 to 10 inches in a matter of seconds. If your hole were a rubber band, you’d snap it. Treat it with care.

Stretch your hole

You need to feel yourself dilate, which comes from being totally relaxed. You’ll subconsciously tighten up the second you have doubts; it can happen before he even touches you.

To dilate your anus, ask him to go down on you. It takes a lot of tongue/finger action to loosen the muscle and dilate your hole. It could take a minute or ten, but remember, you have to treat it like a rubber band. He should use his tongue, finger, or the tip of his dong, to prep you. When you’re relaxed and ready, tell him to enter you slowly. Let our body surrender.

Slip it in semi-hard

Sometimes, it’s better for him to penetrate you while his penis is still semi-flaccid. That way, as he becomes more erect, there is no passing through the sphincter (which is truly the only painful part). Having him expand inside you is hardly painful, since he should fit right into your tubing.

Clench and release technique

I do this a lot when I need to get out of my head. First, understand that your body is made to both clench and relax: it’s most relaxed immediately after you clench. Let’s practice right now.

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Clench your butthole as tight as you can. Hold it for about ten seconds, then release …. That moment of “release” is when your sphincter is most relaxed and can be stretched. Imagine a rubber band: after you pull it then bring it back to shape, it’s takes a few seconds for it to get tight again. This is the moment you cease opportunity.

Just before his tip enters you, clench your hole really tight for a few seconds (maybe more), then release. While you’re releasing, slowly pull him in — little by little. Repeat. You can also push your out a little (as if you were going to the bathroom). This tricks your sphincter to open up the canal, which allows less him to enter.

Apply lube generously

This goes without explanation. The last thing you want when it hurts is to be raw dogged. The thickness alone requires your anus to be more flexible and lubricated than normal — help him out.

If it doesn’t work, oh well!

He’ll be grateful you even tried. Some holes aren’t designed to accommodate large poles. If you decide it’s just too big, try oral or intercrural sex (let him pound your clenched thighs).

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