How to Give Bootylicious Rim Jobs

A photo of a guy's mouth by Freddy Krave.
Photo: Freddy Krave

If you’re like many gay or bisexual men, you like having your purple starfish delicately tongue-punched. Queer men have been eating the booty like groceries since the beginning of time. Many mastered the art and are quite skilled lickers, but for those of you who are new to it, this article will help you learn how to give bootylicious rim jobs.

Step 1: Start slow

Don’t jump in there and start slobbering all over the place; it’s not cute or a turn on. Run your fingers slowly around his hole, caress his sack, and excite him. Then, when he starts to squirm, add just a little bit of tongue.

Step 2: Work your way in

This is a critical moment in learning how to give bootylicious rim jobs. Let your tongue trace the outer ring of his balloon knot, and then work it into the center. Press lightly with the tip, but don’t go in … not yet.

Step 3: Keep your hands busy

Use your hands to engage other parts of his body. Massage him. Rub him. Stroke him. Every man is different, so this step might take some practice. Listen to your partner’s body language and modify your techniques accordingly. If he starts to drip, you’re doing something right.

Step 4: Go deep

If your partner is a neat freak — so to speak — go deep. Few things feel better than a tongue wriggling around in your hole. If you’re not into deep-tongue-action, you can always substitute your tongue for your finger. Either way, you have to get up in there.

Step 5: Reach around

Climaxing while being rimmed is one of the best feelings a guy can experience. After you spread those cheeks and lick him inside out, reach around and get him off. Think of this technique like milking a cow; you reach around and tug until it squirts. If you followed these steps, the boy batter should come quick.

Now that you learned how to give bootylicious rim jobs, you need to remember … you’re licking a butt and sometimes gross things come out of butts. Make sure that you and your partner are ready (clean) before you get tongue deep.

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