5 Positions All Gay Couples Should Try

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Everybody loves making love, right? It’s fun, it relieves stress and it never gets old. For me, it’s crucial that my man and I spice things up every now and then. Why would we stick to the same old positions our grandparents enjoyed? That’s so boring.

Here’s the truth, gay play can be a lot more creative than straight smashing. Not only are we able to flip flop (which can give us a different experience every time), but we have more options to reach our G-spot (aka our prostates). The secret? It’s all in the friction.

1. The Octopus Wrap

This has many names, but Octopus Wrap is most poignant due to the amount of variations you can have with it. Imagine a typical missionary position, except the bottom’s legs are literally over the top’s head.

This is a great position because it creates an incredible amount of intimacy between you and your man. You can pull at their hair, grab their waist, caress their stomach, stare longingly into their eyes and pound the living daylights out of them.

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Unless you’re at a very weird angle, the Octopus Wrap is always a comfortable position because his dong will fit perfectly down your tube with little discomfort. The angles can vary as well.

*My favorite thing to do when I’m bottoming is to bring my legs down and wrap them behind his lower back, trapping him while he continues to thrust. 

2. Reverse Leap Frog

Ok, imagine the typical Reverse Cowgirl. The top lies on his back while the bottom straddles his meat, facing away from him. Instead of the bottom keeping his knees bent on the bed, he brings his legs out from under him and uses the soles of his feet for balance, while placing his hands on the bed between his partner’s legs. In a sense, the bottom is in a leap frog position facing away from his partner.

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This position gives the top much more thrusting ability and will always be an intense experience because it allows for deeper thrusting. Though it’s slightly-less intimate, if you’re patient it’s worth it.

*To spice things up even more, the bottom should bend further down towards the bed. It can give him a little bit more bounce, and the top will be more willing to grab his partner’s hips and take control. 

3. Standing Doggy Style

Doggy Style doesn’t need to be on all fours, in fact, it’s a lot more exciting when it’s not because it allows for more creativity in the moment of passion.

If the bottom is bent over, with his two feet planted firm on the ground and his hands placed on something that is waist high, the top can easily hit his spot if coached correctly. This position is super simple and requires a bit of flexibility, not to mention it allows for deeper digging.

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*To spice things up, the bottom’s leg can be lifted up on the table (creating an “L” shape) which will give the top more to grab and spank. Another idea is to lose the table all together and bend all the way to the ground in a downward dog position. Woof! 

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