10 BJ Techniques Every Gay Guy Should Master

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Freddy Krave

Nothing is better than really good head. Unfortunately, there are so many guys out there who haven’t mastered the art of oral love. Truly amazing head is all about surprises. We’ve all had the typical bob and drop technique, but there are so many others out there.

Practice is always going to make perfect. Over the years, I’ve discovered numerous ways to please a man, and it’s all about sensations. Here’s what I uncovered:

1. BJ anticipation

Basically, you gotta tease the sh*t out of him before any of your wet delicious lips touch him. Use what God gave you: Breath, moisture, hands, kisses, use it all until his body begs for it. Remember, the beginning sets the foundation for the whole thing. Make it pay off.

2. Adult-film-star BJ

You need to turn yourself on before you get him off. If you want to make him beg for more, you have to make him believe that you LOVE having him in your mouth. In other words, don’t make it seem like it’s work. Make it about you — like adult film actors do. It’s hot as hell to go down on a man. Why not set up a mirror so you can touch yourself and give yourself a wink every now and then? Perform, baby!

3. The Grapefruit Technique

Thanks to Auntie Angel via Cosmopolitan, everyone can give their man a ruby red treat. All you gotta do is put a grapefruit in a bowl of warm water, than take it out and roll it on a table with pressure to get it juicy inside. Slice both ends off and cut a hole big enough to fit his member. When you’re going down on him, place the grapefruit on top of it and slide it up and down while you’re giving him head. It will feel like he’s penetrating you and getting a BJ at the same time.

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4. Cough drop method

Simple enough. Put a cough drop (preferably mint) in your mouth and let it soak in your saliva. Then start making out and slide your way down to his package. Go down on him while breathing heavily on his balls and legs — don’t tell him you have a cough drop. The result? A shivering, whimpering and spine-crunching experience.

5. Corkscrew approach

Once you get him wet and hard, start moving up and down his shaft — slow at first, then with more intension. Once you get a rhythm, start turning your head a bit from side to side. Allow your tongue to do a corkscrew pattern. Move that head. It changes the normal routine of just up-down-up-down — it will be more spontaneous.

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