10 Male Facts You Should Know About Your Thing

Male facts as illustrated by David's penis.

How well do you know your neighbor downstairs? While every one is different, there are some very important things you should know about ding dong.

Although these facts might sound silly, they’re definitely worth a read. It’s not everyday you learn something new about every man’s favorite part. Don’t lie, we know he’s your favorite.

Most guys know that shaving  (boyzillian style) will make your BF look like Chris Hemsworth’s, but there are some facts you won’t find in a movie scene. The next time you’re picking up a guy at the club, or on Grindr (because you’re lazy), shoot some of these flute facts his way!

10 Facts to Remember

1. Your wand is fragile. If you twist it too forcefully, it can snap in half.

2. Your batter contains approximately seven calories per teaspoon.

3. On average, you have 11 hardies a day …

4. And, nine of those happen while your asleep.

5. If you don’t use your sword, it could shrink and become a dagger.

6. Most are 6-7 inches up — you probably fall in that range.

7. Some guys are born with two tools.  Google it.

8. The average guy blows 7,200 times in his life …

9. And, 2,000 of those times he’s solo.

10. The average shooting speed is 28 miles per hour.

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