Man with Godzilla-Sized ‘Serpent’ Emerges from the Sea

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If you’ve ever been to a clothing-optional beach, you’ve seen a lot of sun-baked trouser snakes. But, this one is definitely the longest one we’ve ever seen in the surf. We’re not sure who capture this massive beast on camera, but we’re sure glad it made it to Tumblr.

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If this Johnson was any bigger, everyone would have fled the beach to escape it’s path. Seriously, wait to you see this thing’s range of motion; it has a swing-radius of at least a foot. No wonder its owner likes going to clothing-optional beaches, he has a ridiculously huge shlong. Look at the man with the wee willy’s face — he’s shocked and completely jealous.

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We know what you’re going to say, “It’s just a pecker. Who cares?” But, wait until you see this meat in all its glory before you judge us for this post. If you’re ready to see the biggest serpent we’ve ever encountered, click the link below.

Click here to see the Godzilla-sized dong.



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