Top 10 Clothing-Optional Gay Beaches in the World

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Finding the best gay-friendly, gay beaches in the world can be a little challenging.
Thankfully, we sifted through the best of the best and uncovered the 11 best gay beaches in the world.

Pack your bags, don’t forget your birthday suit, and tour these gay-friendly travel destinations and their fabulous beaches.

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Finding the perfect beach takes time and planning. On this journey, we’ll begin and end in a legendary place found in every gay city guide, Sitges.


1. Playa De Las Balmins, Sitges, Spain
Only a few minutes from the heart of the gay-friendly destination of Sitges, Playa de Las Balmins rests a few minutes down from the iconic Parrots Hotel. Although labeled as a nude beach, plenty of people from different backgrounds enjoy the sun in bathing suits and the buff.



2. Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Beginning at the Maspalomas Lighthouse, the best gay-friendly nude beach is located on beach bar seven. However, the rolling hills of sand create isolated sections where people can enjoy partaking in sky-clad sunbathing. Additionally, this beach offers a warm climate throughout the year.



3. Club Orient Beach, St. Martin
Although it’s not officially a gay beach, this gay-friendly spot is entirely clothing optional. Kick back in the tropical sands of the Caribbean, and enjoy the welcoming company of a mixture of people from the Americas and the island.



4. Haulover Beach, Florida
Located at the northern end of the naturist area and close to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Haulover Beach offers plenty of skivvies-less sunbathing space in the warm Florida sun. In fact, Haulover Beach is the only legal nude beach in the state of Florida. But, laws prohibit sexual activity, so keep it classy.



5. Hippie Hollow, Austin, Texas
Although not a coastal nude beach, this gay-friendly area attracts thousands to Lake Travis throughout spring and summer. Plenty of signs advise of beach rules, which prohibit minors, glass, and sexual activity. Out of all the gay-friendly destinations on this list, Hippie Hollow definitely fits in with Austin’s “keep it weird” slogan since it rests in the heart of the Lone Star State. Also, the area hosts Splash Days during Labor Day Weekend, which includes dancing, gay events and free drinks if you swim up to the party barge.

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6. Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

Known as the main gay travel destination in the United States, Baker Beach gives you the chance to enjoy the sun without the heat. Remember, this area’s also known for cooler temperatures, so bring a beach blanket. And, don’t forget to visit the Castro; Castro Street is only a few minutes away. If you are feeling adventurous after some gay-friendly, nude sunbathing, explore the Coastal Trail.



7. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California
Although you will have to hike down to Black’s Beach, it’s the most popular gay-friendly nude beach in America. Also, this area is known to attract plenty of dolphins, so you might even get to meet one of these gentle sea creatures.



8. Little Beach, Hawaii
Located in Makena State Park, Little Beach attracts a variety of people. If you walk out to the far side from the beach, you will find the most popular area for the LGBT community.



9. Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia
What list of popular nude beaches would be complete without mentioning the land down under? Australian beach is clothing optional and encourages it. The large, flat stones along the shoreline make an excellent place to warm up after spending time in the water.



10. St. Laurent–Eze, France
Nestled along the fabulous Cote d’Axur, the St. Laurent-Eze welcomes gay travelers looking for nude beach sunbathing. In fact, St. Laurent-Eze Beach transitions from sand to pebbles to large rocks, so you can avoid getting sand in certain places. This beach is relatively isolated; plan on bringing food, water and whatever else you might need.



BONUS: Playa del Muerto, Sitges, Spain
If you visit Playa del Mas Balmins, you have to check out Playa del Muerto. Take a brief, 50-minute walk from Sitges to visit this beach. Unlike Playa del Mas Balmins, Play del Muerto is designated as an exclusively gay nude beach, but the pebbles in the sand can be uncomfortable, so bring a blanket or beach towel. The area has a small bar to quench your thirst in the Mediterranean sun.

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