An Adult-Only Amusement Park Is Coming to Brazil

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Finally, an amusement park meant for adults.

Erotikaland is an 18-and-up theme park located in Piracicaba, Brazil. In the park, you’ll be able to hop in a super-sized schlong to poke people on their baloney pony bumper cars. Ok, they aren’t actually called “baloney pony bumper cars,” but they are modeled to resemble dongs — and who doesn’t want to ride a giant giggle stick?

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Now that we have exhausted just about every penis pun we could think of, we can move on to the details. Located a few hours outside São Paulo, the park promises to offer an erotic experience through its 13 attractions including “7D” cinema, sex shop and a nude water park.

But, even Erotikaland has rules. According to officials, nookie is strictly prohibited inside the park, which is ironic. One would assume bumping uglies would be a main attraction for a park like this. Apparently not. To learn more, watch the video below.


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