YouTuber Joey Salads Serves His Sausage with Mustard

This is a photo of YouTuber Joey Salads.

Who’s Joey Salads? In a nutshell, Joey Salads is a YouTuber who found fame pranking people and capturing their reactions on video. Although we hadn’t heard of him until today, Salads has a large social following. With than 1.1-million subs on YouTube and more than 800K Facebook Likes, Salads has a loyal following of pranksters.

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Salads summarizes his YouTube channel saying “I am JoeySalads, I do Pranks and Mind Blowing Social Experiments.” Although many of his videos are more offensive than they are mind blowing (Yes, we saw the transgender-woman “social experiment” and it’s a turd.), a recent video immediately caught our eye.

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Apparently, he likes showing off his sausage, because there are quite a few clips and screenshots floating around Tumblr. Luckily, we found a Tumblr account that rounded up some of Salads’ revealing posts. From peeing in the sink to plopping’ his hotdog in a bun, Salads has an array of hilariously scandalous videos. Fair warning: They’re not exactly safe for a professional environment (i.e., work or school). If you want to see Salads’ sausage, click here.

H/T: The Gaily Grind

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