Joaquín Ferreira Bare for Netflix ‘Club de Cuervos’

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If you don’t speak Spanish fluently, you probably haven’t seen Netflix’s new original series Club de Cuervos. This series focuses on a feud between heirs over the ownership of a soccer club. Club de Cuervos stars Joaquín Ferreira as an unbelievably attractive and well-endowed heir.

Ferreira is an Argentinean actor who agreed to show a lot for the series, and boy are we glad he did. Producer Luis Gerardo Méndez told Latin Times, “It was very clear that his character had to be the sex symbol that would have all the girls and boys attached to the TV screen, and when he walked into the room, he got it.”

Joaquín’s scenes are ridiculously hot; so hot we can’t show them to you here. But, you can see screenshots from the show on Latin Times. Few male celebs who’ve gone bare have the length or girth of Joaquín’s sausage. See for yourself!


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