Austin Rips James’ Towel Off on CBB

Austin Armacost grabbed James Hill’s Towel on Celebrity Big Brother and it was hilarious and hot. But, is there bromance blossoming into something more? Our sources say “no.”

Austin Grabs James Towel on CBB

Armacost and Hill have obvious chemistry, but according to the show, it’s just for show. As of right now, Hill has rejected all of Armacost’s attempts at a fun, but they did have a sincere conversation. During their late-night talk, Hill told Armacost:

“At the end of the day, I think it is down to you as an individual as well. I know I’m completely straight. I’m never ever been interested about men. I’ve never been bothered about it. I like women so I’m comfortable. If you’re not sure about yourself then that is where you’re going to have problems.”

Austin Grabs James Towel on CBB

The roommates continue to flirt playfully, but it doesn’t sound like Hill plans to play with Armacost anytime soon. Pity — it would be so hot! By the way, you can click the photo above for the version, and watch their late-night chat below.

H/T: Attitude

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