Troll Asks Gus Kenworthy If He’s The ‘Man or Woman’ in Relationships

Troll Asks Gus Kenworthy If He's a The ‘Man or Woman’ in Relationships
Photo: Instagram

If you didn’t know, Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy came out in an interview with ESPN, and trolls are already harassing him on Twitter. Prexton Vice (aka a Twitter Troll) tweeted the Olympian and asked, “Are you the man or the woman in the relationship? That’s all I need to know right now.”

Kenworthy responded eloquently and said, “In a relationship I am the man. As is the other man. I’m gay. Not trying to emulate a heterosexual relationship.” Basically, he kicked the troll in the face and shut him down faster than a slopestyle skier competing in the Olympics.

Slay, Gus. Slay.

H/T: Instinct

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