Spanish Soccer Stars Apologize for Sex Tape Scandal

Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna

Soccer superstars Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna play for the Spanish club Eibar, and they’re both extremely talented. The two players are in the center of a social media scandal after a video depicting Enrich and Luna embroiled in a threesome leaked.

The short video identifies both players and also features an unidentified young woman. Some believe the clip shows Luna topping Enrich while he receives oral from the woman.

Since the video leaked, they released a heartfelt and apologetic statement that read:

“In light of the circulation on social media of a sexually explicit video in which we, the undersigned, appear, we want to state that the video shows a recording of a private act which took place between fully consenting adults, within the scope of the freedoms we all enjoy.

We deeply regret that an indiscretion for which we are not responsible has led to these images being published without our knowledge or, far less, our consent.

We likewise regret the potential damage [not only] to our image but in particular to that of our club, whose colors we represent, and that it could have offended our supporters and the city of Eibar in general.

We are aware that professional footballers should set an example in every walk of life, especially to children; this being the reason we apologize if this incident has caused harm to anyone.

Equally, we want to apologize for the damage the circulation of this video could cause to the third person involved in the video.

We wish to stress that, as SD Eibar players, an exemplary club that represents a set of fans and a city equally exemplary, we stand by the values that have been shown to us since we arrived in Eibar. We hope this incident does not in any way harm the image of the club, nor that of our team-mates.”

The 17-second clip surfaced on Twitter, and exploded on Tumblr. Following the leak, Spanish news sites recirculated a photo of Enrich and Luna holding hands while on vacation last summer in New York, which has some fans hoping they’re a couple. Although the scandal is potentially damaging to the club, we applaud them for their honesty and bravery as athletes.


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