Gus Kenworthy Talks Deal Breakers, Celeb Crushes and First Dates

Gus Kenworthy has a crush on Matt Bomer.
Photo: Jared Jarrell

Gus Kenworthy has a crush on Matt Bomer? Shocking.

This has been a big year for the 24-year-old Olympic freeskier. He came out as gay to ESPN, and earned a lot of attention for his bravery as a gay athlete. In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Kenworthy talked about dating, competing and his new life out of the closet.

“There’s never really another moment in my everyday life where I feel so emotional,” he told Buzzfeed News reporter Sarah Karlan. “This crazy culmination of feelings that’s going on in your stomach. It’s almost nauseating and it can be nauseating — I sometimes throw up when I get really nervous.”

When asked about how other athletes reacted to his coming out, Kenworthy explained, “I got a lot of tweets of encouragement, texts from friends, and calls. It made me feel good. I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the reaction because of what the industry is and what the sport is — the image that it projects and the way that sometimes people talk. I was pleasantly surprised.”

Kenworthy also named Matt Bomer as his celebrity and talked about dating deal breakers saying, “Oh god, I’m sure there are so many. I can’t deal with someone who has bad breath, it’s just the worst. That sounds really shallow but I just couldn’t deal with that. I guess really bad manners would be a big turnoff. I don’t need someone who is super prim and proper, but, I don’t know, I think I would be turned off if someone was a sloppy eater or wasn’t genuinely courteous. Also no sense of humor or a bad sense of humor would be a huge turnoff. And someone who can’t spell! If we are texting and there are tons of spelling mistakes, I can’t deal with that.”

Read the entire interview on Buzzfeed.

Photo by Jared Jarrell for Buzzfeed News

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