Footballer Fabio Ceravolo Proves He’s an Italian Stallion

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Fabio Ceravolo is the epitome of an Italian stallion. The 29-year-old Italian footballer plays as a striker for Ternana Calcio, an Italian football club based in the city of Terni, Umbria. If you aren’t a true football fan, you probably don’t recognize the stud.

Although, we don’t know much about Ceravolo, we can tell you a few things about his culo and cazzo (cazzo is a naughty Italian word for a man’s fun bits). Ceravolo has a fantastic bubble butt, and he’s uncut.

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How do we know these dirty details? Well, OMG Blog found some revealing selfies on the Internet, which you can gawk at here. You’re welcome, you dirty birdy.


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