Bantamweight Boxer Ryan Farrag Stripped for Weigh In

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We’d hit it. Wouldn’t you? English boxer Ryan Farrag flung off his towel at a recent weigh-in wearing nothing more than, well, nothing. The 28-year-old optioned to show some skin — maybe not optioned, per say. If you watch the video closely, is appears that Farrag didn’t have a choice and was forced to remove his undies in order to hit his weight class. His loss is our gain, literally.

Bantamweight Boxer Ryan Farrag Stripped for Weigh In

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The weigh in comes before Farrag’s fight with French boxer Karim Guerfi, who chose to showcase his skintight underwear instead of his birthday suit — disappointing, we know! How will they get an accurate read if you’re wearing those? Doesn’t seem fair to us.

Take a look at the footage for yourself!


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