All That We Want Is This Britney Spears Ace of Base Cover

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It’s Britney, bitch. And, she’s covering Ace of Base’s massive 1992 hit “All That She Wants.” Ulf Efberg, the bands frontman, described the track as “very strong” and we’d have to agree! Although, after the 2007 recording, the song artists left the song unfinished and untuned, but Britney Spears slayed the hit with an all-new set of versus.

As you may recall, 2007 was a very turbulent time for Spears, and this re-vamped record is reportedly about her mom. Some fans aren’t overly enthusiastic about the cover, and it might not be as catchy as the original. But, it’s Britney, and she’s all we want.

Listen to Britney Spears’ “All That She Wants” cover below!

H/T: NewNowNext


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