How CockyBoys Is Changing the Adult Film Industry


CockyBoys.com is becoming the world’s favorite place to view hot and delicious gay porn. Not only is it changing the way we see porn, it’s also expanding its audience.

Of the 6,000 subscribers paying $30 a month for unlimited porn, 30 percent of them are women. But here’s where it gets interesting…

Women also make up 80 percent of the fans at CockyBoys’ meet-and-greets (like CockyCON 2016 in Chicago), and they’re going absolutely nuts! Literally, swarms of girls are going crazy for porn stars as if they were the world’s biggest boy bands.

Thanks to a piece entitled “Call Us ‘One Erection'” by Cheryl Wischhover at Cosmopolitan, we’re getting the skinny on why girls are going wild over these boys. The answers might surprise you.

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“When these girls were young, boy bands were the ‘in’ thing. They saw the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, and that’s what their brain decided to tell them was attractive and appealing,” CockyBoy Tayte Hanson said to Cosmo. “I’m sure seeing young guys like the CockyBoys is a heightened version of what they’ve always wanted… though we’re also a lot of penis and ass and rough sex.”


It’s not news that women love to watch gay porn. The most recent PornHub poll released last week showed that 37 percent of viewers watching gay porn are women. It sort of makes sense – who wants to see a porn star fake her orgasms when you can see two hot dudes having a really good one? Women need proof that the guy is having a good time, and that proof is in the jizz (so to speak).

But here’s why CockyBoys is so revolutionary …

CockyBoys started in 2010 by Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock. What makes them so different is, unlike mainstream gay porn that highlights masculinity and aggression, CockyBoys offers a more emotional appeal with its stars. They aren’t “just holes” as Jaxson states.

“Porn has a utilitarian purpose,” Jaxson said to Cosmo, “but I just felt like the consumer experience seemed so disposable. And when the product felt disposable, the performers felt and were seen as disposable. It was crass, and they were just holes.”

CockyBoys isn’t about the sex. It’s about the buildup and ultimate pay off. They are changing the face of porn as we know it, not through models, but by building long-term audience loyalty as if the stars themselves are characters, and the scene in which they’re acting, a true story line.

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The CockyBoys are reality stars, with backstories, relationships, and personalities, storylines that are consistent. Over time, we as an audience start to believe it – this makes sex all the more meaningful and emotionally charged when it pays off. It’s like watching our favorite T.V. personalities have hardcore sex. Psychologically, this can’t help but create loyal superfans.

The stars send each other messages on social media, which also helps to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. But if you think these guys are 100 percent straight, you’d be wrong. Look at Levi Karter, 22; Liam Riley, 22; Hanson, 26; and George Alvin, 23 — the most popular stars at CockyBoys, for example.

Hanson describes himself as “openly fluid,” meaning he likes men and women: “Have I had sex with a female fan? The answer is yes,” he said to Cosmo.

Alvin appears in the company’s documentary series called Meet the Morecocks, where viewers get a rare glimpse behind the scenes to know the stars on a personal level, which undoubtedly helps pull in a wider demographic.

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27-year old Kimberly, CockBoys superfan and self-described “super straight” woman, says she was turned off by the acting women do in straight porn: “It’s not even about gay porn or gay guys or anything. I don’t feel like they are acting,” she says. “It’s more like watching a love story with sex.”

Kimberly isn’t the only superfan. 26-year old Sara from the U.K. has spent tons of money following her favorite porn stars around to Chicago, New York, London, and Berlin for events. Another woman named Jess cried like crazy at a recent meet-and-greet and made video montages of her favorite stars.

It’s clear that CockyBoys have turned into a rotating boy band group, bringing tons of fans and crying superfans eager to touch their bodies. But although many girls enjoy the endless rotating of the “CockyBoy family,” they still get upset when one of them leaves.

For example, when CockyBoys Jake Bass and Max Ryder left, they went absolutely ape shit, calling the duo “Jax” since most of the company’s scenes portrayed them as a couple. The reality was they hated each other, but it didn’t matter. By consistently showing them as a couple, CockyBoys cleverly created a soap opera-ish relationship between the stars and their fans – they needed to see what was going to happen next.

Is CockyBoys changing the face of porn as we know it? Judging by how the world views entertainment, it shouldn’t be surprising the company jumped on the bandwagon in this way.

Personally, I think it’s more than genius. It might be, dare I say… revolutionary?

Read the full Cosmo story here.

David Artavia is an actor and writer from New York City. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Like his Facebook page

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