Gay Vampire Diaries Kiss Excites Comic Con

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Another gay Vampire Diaries kiss?

If you missed San Diego Comic Con, you might have missed the best same-sex vampire kiss since True Blood. Vampire Diaries stars Chris Wood (Kai Parker) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) locked lips to recreate one of the show’s most iconic kisses — the season 6 rain kiss. The gay Vampire Diaries kiss is definitely one that will go down in supernatural TV history. 

A photo of Ian Somerhalder and Chris Wood kissing in ‘Vampire Diaries.’

Credit: Warner Bros.

In the sizzle reel, Damon and Kai (Kai Parker) embrace in a wickedly passionate and gay Vampire Diaries smooch. Watch the clip below and get the full scoop on Buzzfeed.


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