Rinse and Repeat Video Game Let’s You Take Group Showers

Rinse and Repeat Video Game Let's You Take Showers

If you haven’t played the Rinse and Repeat video game, you’re missing out; it let’s you take group showers.

This might be the strangest game we’ve ever seen, but it’s also oddly simple. The goal, to take group showers and boost your rubbing score. Basically, guys come in and out of the shower and help other guys get clean. TBH, it’s not all that entertaining, but it’s definitely worth a peak.

Here’s how it works; a guy comes it and you rub his body. You get scored based on his reaction to your rubbing. Yes, the Rinse and Repeat video game is totally weird.

We’re not saying you need to download it, but at least watch the trailer below and don’t forget to rinse and repeat!

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