Tyler Posey Shows off in Leaked Solo Video

Tyler Posey shirtless

Tyler Posey is famous for playing Scott McCall in the MTV TV series Teen Wolf.

Tyler Posey played Scott McCall on all six seasons of MTV’s hit horror drama Teen Wolf. He recently starred opposite Lucy Hale in the thriller Truth or Dare. He also has a recurring character on the CW’s Jane the Virgin and recently joined the cast of MTV’s Scream: The TV Series for Season 3.

With his chiseled abs, good looks and adorable personality, Posey is exceedingly popular among gay and bisexual men. Shocker, right?

In the past, his gaybaiting antics have earned him substantial attention from queer media. Last year, he posted a video to Snapchat allegedly coming out as gay. His reps promptly addressed Posey’s statement and declared that he’s straight, and that he was just kidding.

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Ironically, in Being Tyler Posey, his MTV mini-doc, he asked if Tinder was “like Grindr for straight people” and then added, “I know what Grindr is because I have an account.” So, if he’s not gay, he’s the worst gay-baiter on the planet.

According to Deadline, Posey is about to take his gay-baiting to the next level. He is joining the cast of Starz new series Now Apocalypse to play Avan Jogia’s love interest. In the show, the pair meet on a dating app. When they go on their first date, things heat up really quickly and they end up hooking up., so we’ll definitely be tuning into Starz for Posey’s episodes.

Like many male celebs, he enjoys attention. In fact, he loves the spotlight so much he frequently shoots NSFW videos, which inevitably get leaked and end up on Tumblr.

Last year, Posey’s naughty videos were leaked multiple times, and yet he seemed to be completely unfazed by the exposure. When asked about the leaked footage at the Noods Before Dark party, Posey told Us Weekly, “I don’t care. It puts less stress [on you] if you just brush it off.”

If you’re not familiar with Posey’s most recent clip, here’s a quick summary; Posey reaches inside his jeans, whips out his throbbing gristle and gives it a stroke before playing with his man milk.

You can watch it on Tumblr.

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