Adult Performer Tegan Zayne Accuses Topher DiMaggio of Rape

Topher DiMaggio and Tegan Zayne

On Sunday, gay adult film star Tegan Zayne wrote a lengthy Twitter post that accused fellow performer Topher DiMaggio of rape.

Zayne asserts that he came forward to address sexual assault in the adult entertainment industry. In the Tweet, Zayne describes his experience while on set filming a scene with DiMaggio for CockyBoys.

Zayne insists DiMaggio compelled him into having sex the night before filming. DiMaggio denies this ever happened telling QueerMeNow, “[Zayne’s] crazy and twists stories … He was so happy to film with me even the next day. It’s sad. I’m not going to give it any attention.”

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You can read his story in its entirety below:

“So this happened about two summers ago. I was working for CockyBoys at the time and was getting ready to film the next day. My scene partner and I shared living quarters just for the few nights we would be together for filming. This happened the first night. I tried waiting up to greet him and say ‘hi’ before jumping right into filming, but he wasn’t showing up. So, by 1 or 2 a.m., I decided to fall asleep.

I was half asleep with the TV on in the background, and he comes in. I stir myself awake to say ‘hi’ to him, and he instantly went for it. Now, in porn, there is a huge rule, and it’s ‘don’t cum the night before your scene’ for obvious reasons. Being [a] professional whore, I follow this guideline to give the best performance for the audience. But he insisted.

‘No,’ I said, ‘I didn’t clean; I don’t want to.’

‘It’s ok; I don’t care about that.’

This was a repeated dialogue.

‘Just don’t cum in me.’

*cums in me anyway*

I had to do my best job and put n a friendly face after that, but the entire time we spent together, I was belittled and degraded. Told how I’m such a girl. Told how I’m crazy and insecure. Insulting was almost second nature. He even complained about how I suck dick, and I got reprimanded and was told never to deep throat on camera again because no one wanted to see it.

Anyway, I forgave and tried to forget. I told the people closest to me at the time. The producer apologized, even though they continue to work with him, so how sorry were they really. And my friend at the time told me, ‘you probably liked it anyways,’ and ‘it’s ok; he’s negative.’

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I haven’t told anyone else this because I’ve struggled with the idea that maybe he didn’t rape me, and maybe I did enjoy it.

Maybe having someone cum in you when you repeatedly tell them ‘no’ is not a big deal when you’re a sex worker. Maybe I’m wrong for pointing this out. Does it even matter? Does anyone care? Nothing is going to happen; he will still be getting awards and jobs, so why am I tell this story?

Because it can happen to anyone. You will be manipulated to think you are the one in the wrong. It happens to men, sex workers, LGBTQ. If you feel you’ve been wronged, don’t let anyone tell you how to feel. Speak your truth to those willing to listen. Don’t be afraid to hold someone accountable for their actions. And don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ and get violent if you have to.

I’ve seen a lot of stories come out about the metoo thing, but it feels like no one cares about the male victims or the sex workers. As someone else said ‘rape doesn’t exist in this line of work,’ and it couldn’t be [truer].

Anyway, the person that did this [to me] was Topher DiMaggio. And by no means [am I] trying to start a witch hunt, just think y’all should know that this happens in all industries, especially in an all-male one that revolves around sex.”

Since Tweeting about the incident, Zayne replied to his Tweet banning blogs from reporting on his claims.

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