Nick Jonas Genuinely Loves His Gay Fans

A photo of Nick Jonas shirtless from 'Falunt' magazine.
Photo: Flaunt

Nick Jonas is no stranger to the gay community, and he’s bared it all for their approval.

In recent months, he’s been accused of courting his gay fans for financial gain and to ignite his career. However, when Attitude asked Jonas about his relationship with his gay fans, he seemed sincere.

AttitudeWas there an attempt on your behalf to court the gay community?

Nick Jonas: There’s a thing of recognising that you have gay fans, as a male artist. I was speaking to some of my very close gay friends as I was making the record, and they told me I should really make the effort to embrace my gay audience as it’s bigger than I might think. There should be more of it. There should be more heterosexual male artists who are comfortable to attract a gay audience and do it in a way that’s authentic. With me, it comes from a very genuine and loving place.

Jonas is undeniably sexy and super talented, and we’ll never forget his Flaunt photos. Will you?


A photo of Nick Jonas shirtless from 'Falunt' magazine.

Credit: Flaunt

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