More Pics From Justin Bieber’s Naked Adventure Surface

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Last week, photos of Justin Bieber skinny dipping on vacation in Hawaii hit the Internet, and everyone scrambled for a glimpse. Bieber’s full-frontal pics leaked after Orlando Bloom made headlines worldwide for paddleboarding naked, and now Bieber’s back in the spotlight.

Apparently, someone released two new photos; one focuses on the Bieb’s peen’s profile, while the other shows off his perky derrière. At this point, there are many revealing snapshots of the 22-year-old’s birthday suit, and it’s hard to believe the “leaked” photos are unplanned.

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At least the news pics will overshadow Jeremy Bieber’s (aka Bieber’s dad) bizarre obsession with his son’s junk. At this point, big Bieber is starting to sound like that creepy uncle who can’t stop adjusting himself at Thanksgiving.


A photo posted by Jeremy Bieber (@jeremybieber) on

In a strange tribute to his son’s junk, Jeremy Bieber posted a photo of the CN Tower in Toronto on Instagram and tagged Bieber in the caption.He needs to stop focusing on his son’s peen and move on. However, if you’d like to focus on the newest Bieber pics, click here.


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