Amateur Adult Performer Michael Hoffman Returns to Gay-For-Pay Play

Amateur Adult Performer Michael Hoffman Returns to Gay-For-Pay Play
Twitter / Michael Hoffman

Amateur adult performer Michael Hoffman returns for more gay-for-pay action.

Remember Michael Hoffman? He’s a 25-year-old amateur adult performer who made a slew of risqué videos for his predominately gay and bisexual patrons. About four years ago, Hoffman was a popular gay-for-pay player. With his bulging muscles, deep voice and stereotypically straight qualities, he hooked many horny men online and raked in thousands of dollars on pay-per-view sites with a handful of videos.

At the time, he claimed to be straight and said that his motivation for making the videos was purely financial. The content ranged from arousing to hardcore, but Hoffman rarely played with a co-star. He did create a few videos that featured a man and a woman, but they’re not as well known as his solo clips.

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Last summer, Hoffman posted a video two his Twitter stating that he was retiring from the cam-model industry and that he regretted selling his body on social media. “My decision four years ago to start making videos has really f*cked me up,” he said. “I lose girl after girl. I can’t land a relationship. Can’t get a job. Can’t go anywhere. Can’t do anything.”

He continued: “Every single person I meet finds out or knows about it, gets creeped out, doesn’t want to be f*cking friends with me.”

But, the anxiety and shame are apparently behind him. Hoffman has a new video that’s making the rounds on Tumblr, and it’s by far his “gayest” performance ever. There are several moderately new clips on social media featuring Hoffman. But, the one everyone is talking about shows the tattooed stud getting a very not-safe-for-work massage from a skilled male masseur. The massage begins with a little fingering and ends with an explosive finish.

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Hoffman took to Twitter to Twitter last month to announce that he’s back for more. “I know it’s been a good couple months,” he said. “I’ve been going through a lot. I was working. I thought I was gonna move on. But, honestly, I was just kinda missing this. And I was kinda missing all of you guys.”

If you want to watch Hoffman get massaged, click here.

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