George Takei Unwraps Jason Ellis’ Impressive Package

George Takei on The Howard Stern Show
The Howard Stern Show

On April 20, George Takei celebrated his 80th birthday, and shock jock Howard Stern threw him an on-air bash to remember. Stern promised Takei, who’s best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, a Big Gay 80th Birthday Bash featuring a pack of naked men, and he kept his word.

Stern welcomed the stars of the Off-Broadway show “Naked Boys Singing” to the studio and Takei immediately started singing “Heaven. I’m in heaven.” The young men entered nude and proceeded to perform a parody of “Hot Hot Hot,” which inspired Takei to dance.

In addition to a bunch naked boys singing, Stern also summoned mixed martial arts fighter Jason Ellis to the show. Ellis joined Takei in the studio wearing wrapping paper around his package. And, then invited the former helmsman of the USS Enterprise to unwrap his gift. “George, you’re supposed to be unwrapping your gift,” Stern told Takei.

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The 45-year-old fighter chimed in as Takei caressed his leg, “You’re patting the inside of my thigh.” By the end of the segment, Takei opened his huge present and marveled at Ellis’ impressive manhood.

“Look at that. Gorgeous. Nice ass, too,” Takei said.

“You’re such a friendly guy, but when my dick is out you’re a monster,” Ellis joked.

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Ellis, who identifies as bisexual, admitted that he’s shoved his meat in so many glory holes, he could have hooked up with a guy Takei’s age. When asked if he would get physical with someone in their 80s, Ellis said, “for sure.”

Apparently, that piqued Takei’s interest. He admitted he’d have to ask his husband Brad for a hall pass to play with Ellis. “I love [Brad] deeply, and I’ll do nothing to jeopardize that. But it is true that Jason is a beautiful man,” Takei said.

In addition to his massive meat, Takei was also impressed by Ellis honesty around his sexuality. “I respect you for who you are and your guts to be who you are,” he told Ellis. “I truly feel honored.”

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Ellis said participating in queer performances increases tolerance in sports and other “macho” events. “Gay, straight, whatever you are, you’re just a dude, or you’re just a girl. Everybody just needs to get along,” Ellis said.”

At the close of the show, Takei thanked Stern, “What a birthday party. I’m going to turn 80 every day, Howard!”

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