Former Disney Dude Chris Zylka Shows It All for HBO

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“This is Chris Zylka from Hannah Montana, and you’re watching… something much more exciting!” We aren’t sure why, but Zylka is leaving his pants behind during the new season of The Leftovers on HBO. Why ask questions, right? Let’s all just rejoice in this pre-Christmas miracle. The 30-year-old actor who played Gabe Lamotti on Disney’s Hanna Montana has definitely grown up and gotten a lot bigger. Especially where it counts.

The young star plays Tommy Garvey, who pretends to be part of as a cult known as Guilty Remnant. But, secretly, Tommy helps other members escape, which is ironic because that’s exactly what Chris’ boys did in a recent and trying to help other members escape. Sadly, his cover was blown and he’s thrown into the back of a van and driven out to the desert. Now we can’t show you too much because … well, we’re classy. But, we con’t keep you from clicking the link below to see some really fun GIFs.

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