Davey Wavey Captures O-Faces in Slow Motion

Davey Wavey Captures O-Faces in Slow Motion

We’ll be the first to admit, Davey Wavey‘s videos are often overtly and sometimes unnecessarily sexual. With more than 1-million subs on YouTube, he’s feeding a big monster, and it’s thirsty AF. He’s always pumping out videos featuring good-looking guys talking about getting off or rubbing one out on camera.

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In his most recent video, which dropped today, Davey captured the faces of adorable men expressing pure pleasure. That’s right; they’re blowing their loads. As a bonus, he slowed down the footage so we could marvel at their O-faces for 2:08 seconds.

Right away, we noticed CockyBoy Levi Karter stars in the video (yum), but the cast also several men and women of varying ages. There are no words to express the sensuality in this video. Seriously, it’s silent except for a few moans and stroking sounds.

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