Actor Joaquín Ferreira Sports Semi on Stage

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You might know Joaquín Ferreira from the Netflix original Club de Cuervos, and if you watch the show you know he’s not shy … at all. The Argentinian actor plays “El Potro” on Club de Cuervos and he recently performed in a Mexican play entitled 23 Centimeters, which is about nine inches (in case you were wondering).

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Ferreira made headlines when he took it all off for Club de Cuervos, but that’s not why we’re excited. In 23 Centimeters, Ferreira literally bounces across the stage with a semi on it’s way to full mast.

If you’re ready to take the biggest celebrity “D” of the day, click the link below and prepare to have your mind (or load) blown. Seriously, it’s a pretty impressive piece.

Click here to see Joaquín Ferreira on-stage semi.


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